8th Annual Premier Fall Shootout


8th Annual Premier Fall Shootout 2011-11-10 ACYSO would like to thank all players, parents, coaches and volunteers that made the Fall Shootout such a huge success! Premier Fall Shootout Eclipses 250 teams at our fields! Click logo to see the results, photos and videos!   8th Annual Fall ShootOut PHOTOS VIDEO Tournament Final Results ...

8th Annual Premier Fall Shootout


ACYSO would like to thank all players, parents, coaches and volunteers that made the Fall Shootout such a huge success! Premier Fall Shootout Eclipses 250 teams at our fields! Click logo to see the results, photos and videos!


8th Annual Fall ShootOut



Tournament Final Results

Fall Shoot Out 2011 Champion Finalist
Boys Under 6 ALL  
Boys Under 7A ALL  
Boys Under 7B ALL  
Boys Under 8 ALL  
Boys Under 9 Gold Lonestar England U9B AC Dragons Academy B03
Boys Under 9 Silver Texans- Wolverines Lions Roar
Boys Under 10 8v8 Barcelona NB Ajax U10 Boys White
Boys Under 10 Bronze HC Crush 02B 00B AHFSH Wildcats
Boys Under 10 Gold Lonestar "Chivas" White U10B CE Rec Academy Arsenal
Boys Under 10 Silver Wanderers Team USA
Boys Under 11 Bronze AC Dragons Purple B01 AC Dragons White B01
Boys Under 11 Gold AC Lonestar 01B White West SAN Hurricanes 01B White
Boys Under 11 Silver Force FC 01B Blue CE 01 Boys White
Boys Under 12 Bronze LN Lions 00White Copa FC
Boys Under 12 Silver Arsenal Torreon HC Crush 00B
Boys Under 12 11v11 S A United 00 Boys Gold S A United 00 Boys Black
Boys Under 13 Bronze Lonestar 00B Red SAN AC Cobras SC B99
Boys Under 13 Gold AC Dragons 99B S A United 99 Boys Black
Boys Under 13 Silver AC SA Texans West 99B CE 00B Blue
Boys Under 14 Gold S A United 98 Boys Black Texas Futbol Tfc 98b
Boys Under 14 Silver BR FC Thunder 98B S A United 98 Boys White
Boys Under 15 Gold AC SA Texans West 97B Force FC 98B White
Boys Under 15/16 San Angelo Extreme 96 AC Dragons Purple B97
Boys Under 16/17 Gold CE 96B Blue Midland United Chivas
Boys Under 18/19 Silver IFC 94 Boys Royal S A United 94 Boys Black

Fall Shoot Out 2011 Champion Finalist
Girls Under 7/8 ALL  
Girls Under 9 Gold Dynamo Jrs GU10 White CE Galaxy
Girls Under 9 Silver Victoria FC - Thunder AC SA Texan Twisters G02
Girls Under 10 Gold CE Everton CE Rec Academy United
Girls Under 10 Silver NB Madchen - GU09/10 The Invincibles
Girls Under 11 Bronze BR FC Thunder '01G Djct-S 01g
Girls Under 11 Gold Force FC 01G White AC Lonestar Arsenal G02
Girls Under 11 Silver AC SA Texans West G01 Gr Arsenal U11g
Girls Under 11 Platinum Centex 01 Cyclone Black-G11 River City Rangers - 01 G Orange
Girls Under 12 11v11 Dallas Juventus 00G No Lonestar 00G Red
Girls Under 12 Bronze Exodus Lady Pumas BR FC Thunder 00G
Girls Under 12 Gold CE 00G Blue/A AHFSH Fire 00G Red
Girls Under 12 Silver RCR 00G Orange Great Western Warcats
Girls Under 13 Bronze BR FC Thunder 99G BV 99 Lady Rangers
Girls Under 13 Gold International FC 99G CE 00G
Girls Under 13 Silver Triumph 99 FC Dallas 99G Black
Girls Under 14 Gold Lonestars 98G Red SAN SA United 98 Black
Girls Under 14 Silver NB Ajax 98 Girls White S A United 98 Girls Gold
Girls Under 14/15 Bronze Rockets FC 98 AC Lonestar 97G Silver SAN
Girls Under 15/16 Gold Lonestar White SA SA United 97G Black
Girls Under 15/16 Silver AC Dragons Purple G97 Copa Fc
Girls Under 17/18/19 Gold Velocity 94 Girls AC Lonestar 95G Blue SAN

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Classifications and Age Divisions:

The 8tAnnual Premier Fall Shootout is sponsored by Alamo City Youth Soccer Organization and sanctioned by the South Texas Youth Soccer Association (STYSA). The tournament is open to boys and girls competitive teams from ages U11 through U19 and boys and girls recreational teams from U5 through U18. Single age group brackets, as well as level of play brackets will be formed where sufficient applications support the groupings. We will group 2 age groups of the same level of play, prior to different levels of play within the same age group. For example, a U11-U12 Division 2 bracket will be formed before a U12 group with D2, Super 2, and D1 teams in it.

Team Registration:

Premier Fall Shootout registration must be completed by completing the application found on the website and paying by credit card or e-check on the website or by mailing in team application confirmation with a check or money order to ACYSO Premier Fall Shootout, 7440 FM 1560, San Antonio, TX 78254. Please do not mail something where it requires a signature, as no one is there to accept it and it will eventually be returned to you from the post office.

Team registration fees are as follows:

Registration Fees will be

U5/U6 - $150

U7/U8 - $200

U9/U10 6v6 - $300

U9/U10 8v8 - $325

U11-U12 8v8 -   $450

U11-U12 11v11 - $450

U13+ - $550

Payment must be postmarked by Nov 11, or acceptance may be withdrawn.

Roster Size:

U5/U6 - 6 (play 3v3)

U7/U8 - 8 (play 4v4)

U9/U10 6v6 - 10

U9-U12 (8v8) – 14, though a max of 12 is recommended for U9-U10

U11-U18 (11v11) – 18

Guest players: maximum 5 (Must have current, laminated player card and medical release on all guest players)

Check in:

All teams must provide the following at check-in: Each team should bring laminated player cards and completed medical release forms for each player, including guest players. These will be verified against the roster, and travel papers (for teams outside of STYSA) if applicable. If the

forms submitted prior to check-in have been modified, a new copy must be provided for the Premier Fall Shootout files. All Teams are required to check in on Friday night between 7-9pm at the Host Hotel.

Game information:

All teams will be guaranteed to play three games. In round robin play, ties at the end of regulation time will stand. In all advancement games including semi-finals and finals the taking of penalty kicks (according to USSF guidelines) will break ties at the end of regulation.

Game length:

Teams must be at the field and ready for inspection 15 minutes prior to game time.

Preliminary and semi-final games will be:

U5-U6 4 x 6 minute quarters

U7-U8 4 x 8 minute quarters

U9-U10 2 x 20 minute halves

U11-U14 2 x 25 minute halves

U15-U19 2 x 30 minute halves

Finals will be Full-Length games, but will go straight to Penalty Kicks in the event of a tie. Both Coaches must agree in order to shorten the halves on the Final games.

Playing Conditions:

In the event of inclement weather, the Tournament Director has the authority to restructure or cancel the tournament. In the event the tournament is canceled, partial refunds will be given (Tournament Fee less expenses at a minimum of 25%). Every effort will be made to complete the tournament. Once a game has started the decision will rest with the referee and Director of Referees. Games will be considered complete if one half has been played in full. The home team is listed first on the schedule and will be required to change uniforms in the event of a conflict. Both teams will occupy the same side of the field. Parents and spectators will occupy the opposite side across from their team’s bench.


The home team will wear their white or light colored jersey and the visiting team will wear their dark colored jersey. The team that does not follow these instructions will be required to change. All uniforms for U11 and above teams must have a number that matches the number listed on the player card. If you have a duplicate number, you must make the referee aware and be able to distinguish between the players with duplicate numbers. GK jerseys do not have to have a number, but if the GK comes on to the field as a field player, his jersey number must be listed on the card.


6 points for a win

3 points for a tie

0 points for a loss

1 point for a shut out

1 point for each goal up to 3

Forfeit equals 10 points. If a team forfeits more than one game, the team will be considered to have abandoned the tournament and the points from all of their games will not be counted in the standings. In the event of a 0-0 tie, the scoring will be 3 points for the tie and 1 for the shut out, for a total of 4 points per team.


Specific advancement rules by bracket will be available at check in.

Tie breakers:

1. Results of head to head competition

2. Goal difference (total goals for minus total goals allowed) up to +/- 5 per game

3. Total goals scored up to a maximum of 5 per game

4. Totals goals allowed up to a maximum of 5 per game

5. Penalty Kicks

Score Cards:

All players with numbers should be listed on the game card in order to be eligible to play in the match. If a player is sitting out due to misconduct or illness, please note that on the game card and let the referee and opposing coach know. Feel free to use preprinted rosters that you can

stick on the game card. See the template on the tournament home page. Score cards must be checked at the conclusion of the game to verify the score and any cards issued. The referee must record the score and sign the card after each game. Both coaches should also sign the card. Game cards will be available at check in. The home team provides the game card to the referee before the game. The winning team or home team in case of a tie will turn the game card in to the Tournament Headquarters or Field Official. Game cards should be turned in no later than 30 minutes after the conclusion of the game.


Red Card: A player receiving a red card must sit out the remainder of that game and the next game. A player receiving two red cards will be suspended from the remainder of the tournament.

Yellow Cards: If a player receives three yellow cards that player will be suspended for the next tournament game. It is the coach’s responsibility to sit an ineligible player, and let the referee and the opposing coach know the reason that the player is sitting out (red card, multiple yellow cards, etc.) Misconduct of teams, players, coaches, spectators, or supporters will not be tolerated on or off the field. Any of the above may be withdrawn from the competition at the discretion of the Tournament Director and reported to the Host State Association and the team's State/National Association. Coaches are responsible for the conduct of their team and supporters both on and off the fields.

Playing Time:

As a reminder, all players must play at least 50% of every game. The exception to this is a Division One or Premier bracket, though those teams are still encouraged to play everyone 50% of the game. If a player is not going to play at least 50% of the game, and does not fall into the exception listed above, you must notify the referee and opposing coach of the reason (illness, injury, misconduct, etc.)


All referee decisions are final. No protests allowed.


Awards will be presented to the 1st and 2nd place teams within each group immediately after the championship game. Participation Awards will be given to all U5-U8 players immediately following their team’s last game.

Other Matters:

The Tournament Director will decide upon any matter not provided for in the tournament rules. Decisions of the Tournament Director will be final.