Practice Field Registration

Practice Fields

Teams need to understand their role in the quality of the league and our fields. We can all work together to ensure that our fields are safe, clean and that field wear is kept to a minimum.

Teams must follow all field rules and are responsible for making all players, parents and other team guests aware of these rules.

Please address issues of speeding and parking with your teams. Drive safely and park smart and only in designated areas.  Teams and their members must not move any goals or leave any trash on the fields.  Please do your part to keep parents and siblings off of the fields and keep scrimmages and any team meetings out of the goal boxes to avoid unnecessary wear in that area. Teams must notify all members that pets are not allowed on ACYSO fields. Teams must leave fields promptly at the end of their practice. Last teams leaving must turn out lights.


Practice Field Reservation Procedure



  1. The trainer/coach who runs practice must request a field for practice by emailing the Practice Field Scheduler with the completed field request form.

  2. Your Field Request must be accompanied by your roster showing the minimum number of players required to obtain a field assignment:
    U6 - U10 teams require 6 paid players
    8v8 teams require 8 paid players
    11v11 teams require 11 paid players

    Note: ACYSO registration fees include practice field fees. Teams that do not register with ACYSO, such as WDDOA teams, must pay a practice field fee in order to request a field. The fee for the 2011 seasons will be $925 per season for these teams.


  3. Fields will be assigned in accordance with our Practice Field Assignment Procedure. Teams will be assigned fields as they meet the requirements, to include completing the field request form and paying for the required number of player registrations and/or the required practice field fee if applicable.

    Please note that no unpaid players may practice. Registration fee must be paid and the player must be assigned to a team prior to practicing. There are no exceptions to this. If you have 8 paid players and that is enough to reserve your practice field, that does not permit you to have 10 players at practice.

  4. All new team representatives must attend meeting to review practice field rules prior to team using field. All teams are responsible for their players, parents and other guests adherence to ACYSO rules.

  5. Field opening date will be set by ACYSO.
    Fields will open January 21, 2013 to teams that have been assigned a slot.
    Fields close at the end of the season following your team's last regular season game or STYSA sanctioned playoff game unless otherwise dictated by ACYSO.

  6. Please note that dependent upon the number of teams registered, it may be necessary for overflow practice field assignments at our Talley Road field location. Talley Road Fields are located approximately 5-10 minutes west of Alamo Sportsplex off of Culebra/FM 471.