Teams at the U5 - U8 age levels are recreational teams. They are also called Division IV, or D4 teams. Players must have reached their 4th birthday before they can play, in accordance with STYSA rules.

Teams are formed by the Age-Group Commisioners. Recruiting or try-outs are not allowed in these age groups. Commissioners are responsible for balancing competition within their age groups.

Registration for ACYSO players will includes the following: practice field fees, game fields fees, referee fees, insurance, uniforms and end of season trophies for U5 - U8 teams. (One uniform per seasonal year will be issued, which includes BOTH fall and spring seasons) All players are required to wear shin guards at practices and at games.

All players must be properly registered and paid before they are placed on a team. No players may practice or participate in games prior to being assigned to a team.


ACYSO will assign a practice slot to each team. After teams are formed, the coach will call each player to give them this information.
Players learn by playing. Please try to attend practice on a regular basis, or inform your coach if your child is unable to make a practice. Players must wear shin guards and should bring their own ball and water bottle to practice and be dressed appropriately for weather changes.


Games will be played at the Alamo Sportsplex Fields. We typically schedule an 8 - 10 week season. Rainout dates will be posted on the schedule. Please try to arrive 30 minutes prior to game time to allow your child sufficient time to warm up and have their equipment checked. All players are required to play a minimum of 50% of each game. Make sure your child brings a water bottle.

Sideline Rules
Please encourage your child and his or her team with positive comments only.
Parents should be seated on the opposite side of the field from the teams. No coaching is allowed behind the goals.
Coaches on the team sidelines must be registered with the league and with Kid Safe.
No one other than players and referees are allowed on the field unless invited by the referee as may happen in case of an injury.
Please respect our referees.

  Ball Size: Team Size: Field Size: Quarter Length: Practice Frequency: Rules:
U5 - U6 Size 3 3 v 3 Dual Fields 8 minute quarters 1x per week Click for U5-U6 Rules
U7 - U8 Size 3 4 v 4 Dual Fields 10 minute quarters 2x per week Click for U7-U8 Rules